Beijing Bilemi Garment Co., Ltd.

Business Type: Manufacturer
Trading Company
Main Market: Worldwide
Brands: BILEMI
No. of Employees: 100~500
Annual Sales: 1000000-3000000
Year Established: 2004
Export p.c: 40% - 50%
About Us

Beijing Bilemi Garment Co., Ltd.

Beijing Bilemi Garment Co., Ltd. has established a corporate governance structure under the leadership of the board of directors, a sound modern enterprise system, strong R&D design capabilities, comprehensive, market-driven, responsive supply chain management capabilities, quality management and Control capabilities, as well as a large retail distribution network at home and abroad, the main management personnel have more than 10 years of management experience in the Chinese children's wear industry, which laid a solid foundation for the company's rapid and healthy development.

Beijing Bilemi Garment Co., Ltd. adopts a centralized brand strategy, supports diversified product portfolios, actively, continuously and decently creates brand image for products, and continuously enhances the brand reputation and customer loyalty of the company's products in the target market. Formed its own brand development model.

At present, the company owns its own core brand “BILEMI”, which is a high-end children's products brand.

Beijing Bilemi Garment Co., Ltd. will further increase the brand operation and develop the company into an excellent enterprise in the field of children's consumer goods with children's wear as the main body.

In the new journey, Beijing Bilemi Garment Co., Ltd. has set sail in the Chinese children's consumer goods industry and has set sail smoothly. In the days to come, let us join hands and build a new brand of BILEMI. brilliant!

In the future development, all employees of Beijing Bilemi Garment Co., Ltd. will continue to provide consumers with high quality products and quality of life.

Company business philosophy:

Integrity: It is the basic principle and moral bottom line of enterprises and employees.

Enterprising: Clear goals, reasonable planning, innovation, and enterprising.

Dedication: Actively investing, willing to sacrifice, love and dedication.

Friendship: To help the company, the team, and the colleagues to unite and help each other.

Business purposes

People-oriented, customer-oriented, quality first, and peace

People-oriented: implement humanized management and management, care for and care for employees, and product development follows human standards.

Customer-oriented: Respect the customer, think what the customer thinks, urgency, and build a win-win relationship with the customer.

Quality first: Establish high-quality product quality standards, be responsible to consumers, and make them internationally competitive.

Peace and harmony: the company and the employees live in harmony, the employees are united and friendly, and the sales terminals are friendly with consumers.



Founded in 2004, Beijing Bilemi Garment Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest companies specializing in the research, development and sales of children's consumer products. The company adheres to the business philosophy of “all for children” and is committed to becoming one of the most The goal of the energetic children's product manufacturing enterprise is to promote the development of China's children's consumer goods industry, and strive to shoulder the responsibility to employees, customers and society, and create a continuous source of value for the society.

Beijing Bilemi Garment Co., Ltd.

Beijing Bilemi Garment Co., Ltd.

Beijing Bilemi Garment Co., Ltd.Beijing Bilemi Garment Co., Ltd.Beijing Bilemi Garment Co., Ltd.


Here is our 2019 new product launch. There were many people coming to participate.We provided a warm and thoughtful service.Customers all felt very happy during the exhibition.


Beijing Bilemi Garment Co., Ltd.


Beijing Bilemi Garment Co., Ltd.

Our Team

We often hold a number of competitions to enhance the friendship between employees and at the same time enhance the professional skills of our employees because our company always adheres to the tenet of enthusiasm, innovation, pragmatism and rigor, and creates brilliant achievements, pushing bilemi clothing business to a new peak.


Beijing Bilemi Garment Co., Ltd.


This is our Dragon Boat Festival package, and everyone is really cute when they try to pack the perfect dice.


Beijing Bilemi Garment Co., Ltd.


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